AIP Supplement for Kingdom of Bahrain

Air Traffic Management Directorate

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

AIP SUP 02/2018

Effective from 26 APR 2018 to PERM

Published on 01 MAR 2018

RNAV1 Implementation

NR 02/18



VALID SUPPLEMENTS: 08/12, 04/15, 05/16, 06/16, 07/16, 10/16, 11/16, 03/17, 04/17, 05/17, 07/17, 08/17, 09/17, 10/17, 11/17, 12/17,

13/17 AND 01/18




AIRAC 01/14 amends the navigational performance specification for ATS routes within the Bahrain.

Subject to the exemptions listed below aircraft operating along the applicable routes shall comply with FAA TSO 90 - 100A or JAA TGL - 10, or equivalent local regulations, and be certified by the state of the operator for RNAV 1 operations.

ATS routes, particulary in the area North East and North West of Bahrain provide minimum separation between adjacent routes. It is therefore imperative that aircraft flying on these ATS routes maintain the centerline of the route unless otherwise cleared by ATC. Unless landing or departing from an airport located under the lateral limits of the Bahrain CTA, aircraft shall expect to maintain level flight within the Bahrain CTA.


Operators shall indicate RNAV 1 (GNSS) compliance by including PBN/D1, PBN/D2, PBN/D3 or PBN/D4 in field 18 of their flight plan.

RNAV1 level possible with:

D1 All permitted sensors




When an aircraft is not able to fly RNAV as a result of in-flight failure or degradation of the RNAV system, the phrase "NEGATIVE RNAV" shall be included immdeiately on first contact with Bahrain ATC.

Where GPS is the sole input to the RNAV system, pilots shall inform ATC about in-flight GPS failures including loss of RAIM.

Exemptions from RNAV 1

Although ATS routes within the Bahrain FIR are classified RNAV 1 operators meeting RNAV 5 certification requirements will be accepted.

To allow time for non RNAV 1 compliant operators to obtain certification, the genenral exemption will be applied until 31 December 2018 on the condition that such operators include the statement:

"RMK/NON RNAV 1 compliant in item 18 of their flight plan"

Non RNAV 1 operations after 31 December 2018, specific exemption from Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs will be required. For scheduled operations such exemptions shall be given only when there is clear pathway leading to compliance.

Operations under "Due Regard"

In response to increases in traffic RNAV 1 has been introuduced to improve airspace utilization allowing more aircraft to be operated in a given piece of airspace. Traffic density will be such that manned or unmanned military operations under "Due Regard" within controlled airspace can be assessed as posing a hight risk to Civil Operation and are therefore actively discouraged.

As a matter of courtesy Military agencies intending to carry out these operations in the airspace above international waters are requested to coordinate with Bahrain ACC prior to commencing operations.