ENR 1.11  Addressing of flight plan messages

Flight movement messages relating to traffic into or via BAHRAIN FIR / BAHRAIN UIR shall be addressed as stated below in order to warrant correct relay and delivery.

Note: Flight movement messages in this context comprise flight plan messages, amendment messages relating thereto and flight plan cancellation messages. ICAO ATM - DOC 4444, chapter 11 para. refers.

1.11.1  AFTN ADDRESSES Category of flight (IFR, VFR or both)

All Flight Plans and Departures messages for flights operating through or within the BAHRAIN FIR / BAHRAIN UIR must include addressees OBBBZQZX. All aircraft operators intending to use BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL airport as a departure aerodrome must include the addressees OBBIZPZX in their flight plan. BAHRAIN / SAKHIR AIRBASE installed new AFTN addresses necessary for flight planning puropses and other relevant issues as follows: OBKHZTZX for Control Tower, OBKHZPZX for AIS / COMMS and OBKHYFYX for Service Address.